Personal Training

Looking for a personal trainer near Richmond or Ashland?

Our professional fitness trainers will motivate you by setting personal fitness goals and providing feedback and accountability as we instruct you in proper techniques and nutrition. We do this in a fun environment to keep you engaged and motivated.


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Group Training

Like the Group Dynamic? Sign-up for a Group Training Class!

Our small group personal training classes are a mix of full body strength and weight training, cardiovascular conditioning, HIIT (high intensity interval training), core strengthening, agility and mobility training, all in one!  We call it “Cross Training”!   Group training classes are a great for those looking for a challenging workout in a social environment. Each class has a team feel to it. Every person that’s a part of TSF Nation is there to focus and achieve their individual goals but are ready to help celebrate your successes too!

We have 4-5 classes each day at 5:30 am. 6:45 am, 9:00 am, 4:30 pm Monday - Friday, (LIT Class meets at 10:15 am every Monday, Wednesday & Friday). Each class is about 1 hour and you can attend whatever class time works for you each day!

All you need to do is get to TSF. Once you’re there, your coach and teammates will inspire you to do great things. So get there – your first five classes are FREE!



(LIT Class)

We offer a training option for people who desire an active lifestyle with a customizable level of intensity! If you want to move and strengthen your whole body without running and jumping, the LIT Class is a perfect fit for you!

L.I.T. CLASS meets every Monday, Wednesday & Friday!

10:15 AM


Youth Training

Want your child to be physically fit?

Do better in sports?

be more competive?

Call Train Strong Fit today to find out more about how we help middle and high school youth meet their physical fitness goals. We keep it fun and entertaining while helping your youth to strengthen, improve coordination, speed & agility with training that is age appropriate. We also offer sport specific training for your athlete looking to gain that competitive edge.


Get Started with our 5 CLASSES for $5 offer