Al Loving

Train Strong Fit Instructor


Certified Fitness Trainer / Personal Trainer

Al is a native Virginian, born and raised in Fredericksburg, Va. Growing up Al was involved in team sports from an early age. He was involved in sports year-round, from football in the fall, to basketball in the winter, then baseball during the spring and through the summer. His participation in sports continued into high school until his freshman year of college at Marshall University. In his early college career Al began a sedentary lifestyle and slowly but surely began to notice the consequences. He was overweight, unmotivated, and insecure about his situation. Eventually, Al realized that there was a solution to these poor habits and unhealthy lifestyle. A close friend had invited him to join a local gym and become his gym partner. After a lot of convincing, Al agreed and began his fitness journey. After only one week of working out he became hooked and realized that he had made the right decision. A regular fitness routine was the answer he had been looking for, the key to a happy, healthy, productive life! Since that first week in the gym, Al has been completely dedicated to a consistent fitness routine and healthy diet of non-processed, whole foods. Fitness had changed his life and there was no turning back now! Al has a background in Physical Therapy, where he worked as a physical Therapy Technician and is now an International Sports Sciences Association Certified Personal Trainer. Al’s passion is helping others find the life-changing benefits of fitness and nutrition through motivation and leading by example. Because of his personal fitness journey and knowledge, Al has a lot to offer our clients!