Coach Steph - Stephanie Ward

Train Strong Fit Instructor

Coach Stephanie Ward
Hi y’all! I’m Coach Steph and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE what I do!!! I’m a Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach and Nutritionist, Motivator, Wife, Mother, Friend and I’ve never met a stranger! I’m 55 years old and I feel like I’m 27 – and it’s because I take great care of myself with exercise, healthy nutrition and a positive attitude! Fitness has become my profession and continues to be my obsession! Once you meet me in person, you’ll know why! 😉

I’ve always been active and happy and busy! I’ve worked as a Real Estate Broker since 1993 and still love helping people with their real estate needs. I managed my career around my family life and it worked beautifully! My husband, Charles and I owned a Commercial Plumbing Company which he ran and I supported. We raised our two kids in our secluded little old house in the country! Then, in 2008 after the big real estate market crash & back surgery for Charles, we both found ourselves out of work and money. In March of 2009 I took a job as an Accountant at a local company and my life completely changed. I was 42 years old, had always been active & fit, worked out every day and moved around all day long. Now, I was sitting at a desk all day long in a high pressure job and no time for exercise, my family or life in general. I gained 25 pounds in a year and a half and was miserable. I felt like I looked like a “fat frumpy Mom” and I just couldn’t stand it anymore. The stress was too much, the days were too long sitting at a desk and I was becoming depressed and exhausted. My boss asked me to do a 3 week boot camp challenge with her and I jumped at the chance to exercise again!

So, I did it, got amazing results and was hooked on cross training from that point on! I loved the workouts, loved the people and loved the way I felt when I looked in the mirror. My energy went through the roof and I lost pounds, inches and body fat like crazy over the next 6 months. I went from “busting out of my size 8’s” to a size 2 and felt like a million bucks! I lost over 30 pounds and 5 dress sizes in 6 months by changing my Nutrition Plan and doing Cross Training. Not only did I feel amazing but I looked completely different. I’d always been active and fit, but never like this! I described my old self for years as a “soft and squishy size 6”, but suddenly I was a FIT defined muscular size 2 and it was AMAZING! I’d never looked or felt this good in my entire life, not even when I was in high school. You can imagine the excitement and energy I had and STILL have to this day!

I decided to follow this new found passion for this style of exercise and began training clients in 2012. I built up a wonderful clientele over the next 2.5 years and in the summer of 2014 decided to make my next dream a reality, and open my own gym – TRAIN STRONG FIT! Now, 5 years later we have 2 locations, incredible success stories and an amazing fitness family at TSF NATION! I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to provide a fitness program that is unique, effective and FUN! I can’t wait to share it with you all! I know that you will love training at TSF as much as I love training my clients!

I’d be honored to have you as my new client! You’ll love the atmosphere, the people, the trainers and especially the RESULTS! Get ready to experience the most fun you’ll ever have while exercising!