We are TSF NATION! The Train Strong Fit Family! =)

Mar 3, 2016


We are STRONG together! We call ourselves TSF NATION and we are the members of Train Strong Fit (TSF). We come together Monday – Friday and one Saturday per month to do our training classes together. We have tough training sessions, be we love them because we know that we are accomplishing something BIG each and every workout. We are getting stronger, we’re losing fat and gaining muscle, we are changing our bodies inside and out with exercise and good nutrition. We motivate each other daily and just like every “team” out there, we encourage and push each other to do great things! Things that we may never have imagined ourselves doing until we came to this place. The Coaches Stephanie and Genise always greet us when we come in, talk to us about how we’re feeling, offer advice and are genuinely happy to see us! They use positive motivation as they train us and YES, they push us! But that is what we are here for. If we wanted mediocre results, we’d just go meander around the local commercial gym or do a half hearted workout at home. We belong to this place because it gives us what we need, physically and mentally. We couldn’t do it on our own, we tried that and could never accomplish what we have at TSF! Check our our website and try out your FREE WEEK of training classes. You will be so happy you joined our happy, healthy fitness family! =)